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Surfing Weather

TST have been designing and manufacturing trailers to transport Windsurf, Canoe, Kayak and Mountain bikes since 1997.As we are active in these sports we understand our customers requirements.

Each trailer is built to order allowing us to build in any modifications a customer may require. All trailers are professionally galvanized giving long lasting protection.T.S.T build a wide range of trailers from a single kayak trailer up to trailers for 8 Canadians.In October 2012 new legislation came into force regarding trailers. All trailers first used after October 2012 must be approved before the can be used on the road.Each trailer we build is inspected by VOSA and Certificate issued Further details at



Tel: 01430 860882       Mob: 07711 693337 

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Kayak Trailer    Wave Windsurf

KAYAKS                                                    WAVE   WINDSURF

Bike Trailer     4 Poster  Canoe/Kayak

BIKES                                                CANOE / KAYAK


Single Canoe / 2 to 4 Kayak Trailer  

                                                                                                                                                 SINGLE CANOE / 1 to 4 KAYAKS                      CANOE KAYAK


WAVERIDER  WINDSURF                          3 WIDE KAYAK