Tired of lifting your canoe up onto the roof of your car
 Our Adjustable Canoe/ Kayak trailer can carry any size boat upto 21 feet long
(let us know what boats you have and we will supply trailer to suit) 
Various Rack options. V bars, Dinghy,Topper Racks,
Trailer can be split in to 3 parts  for easy storage
 The position of Axle and Racks is adjustable
Trailer length and Lighting Board extension are adjustable
Vertical posts 0.6m or 1.0m 



 Single Canadian Canoe Trailer (vertical posts removed )

1200mm wide racks canoe sits inverted)  £1195 inc VAT 

2 Kayak trailer (vertical posts fitted 1200 wide racks kayaks sit on edge) £1195 inc VAT

4 Kayak Trailer (vertical post fitted 1500mm wide racks) £1220 inc VAT

2 Canadian canoe Trailer (vertical post fitted 1.0m tall,1500mm wide racks £1220 inc VAT

Storage box 2100 x 350 x 300mm £450  inc VAT 

Storage box 1700 x 350 x 300mm £400.00 inc VAT

UK delivery from £70



Options :  1 to 4 Kayaks carried on edge - - with vertical posts removed 1 Canadian inverted - -  with 1m vertical posts fitted 2 Canadians back to back 


Galvanised or Alloy boxes can be added





Cradles to carry Sea kayaks etc 


Extra long trailer carries 6.5m Kayaks

2 Sea kayak trailer carries boats upto 6.5 m long £1300 inc vat & delivery


Open Boats and Sit ons




trailer stored


Trailer packed for delivery