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3 Wide Sea Kayak Trailer

Carries kayaks & sit on tops each kayak has its own space 

Optional  rack spacing and trailer length to suit  kayaks & canoes 

from 2m  to 6.5m long

 Road lights are set in steel channel extendable to longest kayak

Quick change number plate holder

3 Wide Twin Axle POA




3 Wide Kayak

  9 kayak un-braked £2550 inc VAT

  Solid Box With top and back lockable doors from £450 inc VAT


3 Wide Kayak

  12 kayak  Un-Braked  £2800 inc VAT




3 Wide Kayak

  12 kayak Braked £3200 inc VAT

Mesh Box  L 240cm W 60cm D 34cm top and back lockable doors from £495 inc VAT


  3 Wide Kayak

15 kayak Braked £3400  inc vat



 3 Wide Kayak

  14 kayak Braked £3400 inc VAT

 Deep box L240cm W 60cm D 60cm £500 inc VAT



4 Wide Kayak

Racing Kayak trailer 6.5m and 11m Kayaks POA




   9 kayak  12 kayak  15 kayak

Overall Length


5.3 L/B extended


5.3L/B extended


5.3 L/B extended

Overall Width  1.90m  1.90m  1.90m
Overall Height  1.55m  1.95m  2.35m
Net Weight      
M.G.W  500kg  750kg  750kg /1000kg
Wheels & Tyres
 145x10 unbraked
 145x10 unbraked
165x13 braked
 145x13 unbraked
165x13 braked
Brakes  Unbraked  Un braked / braked  Braked
Coupling  Pressed lockable  Pressed /Knott

 Knott Avonride



  Spare Wheel & Mounting